Southtech Help Desk Ticketing System



Southtech Help Desk Ticketing System (HDTS) is a web-based support request tracking system.It receives and monitors online customer support requests easily and is designed for any types of help desk.

Helpdesk staff and end users’ communication is facilitated using Southtech HDTS.A user is given a unique ticket ID for every service requested. The status of the requested service can then be tracked using the unique ticket ID.When a request is submitted, the ticket is directed to a pool of service staff or to an individual if the request is specific. If the ticket is sent to a pool of service staff, it is directed to the staff member who is free.

A Super Admin can monitor all the tickets submitted by customers as well as the resolutions of each. Detailed reports show support staff performance, ticket details and compliance. As a result, the Super Admin can efficiently manage all support staff as well as maintain high customer satisfaction.

The Southtech HDTS is best suited in an environment where customer support requests are submitted. This can include universities, businesses and hospitals or any other institution with such needs.Southtech HDTS is a very responsive system. It is compatible with all mobile phones, tablets as well as with any HTML 5 compatible web browser.

An organization using Southtech HDTS can expect to achieve the following key benefits:

  • Improved productivity through managing all customer complaints or support requests in an efficient manner

  • Increased customer satisfaction as service providers can respond to customer requests on time

  • Elimination of unwanted requests by controlling user permission and role

  • Improved policy management by applying service delivery parameters through the system

  • Have a centralized database of all customer service requests