Southtech EasyPOS



Southtech EasyPOS is a simple, easy to use point of sale (POS) system. The solution allows retailers of any size to automate their business operations.

This automation therefore allows retailers to benefit from several advantages, like saving time and money. Southtech Easy POS consists of a total of 7 modules. These modules cover all aspects of a retail business.The system manages inventory, order processing, discount applications, sales and accounting. In order to remain competitive and increase customer satisfaction, the retailer will be able to set up loyalty schemes too. This will help the retailer to increase their customer retention levels.At Southtech, we realise each retailer has different needs. This is why the EasyPOS system is easily customizable. Therefore, customers will be able to tailor the solution to their needs and only pay for the modules they need. In addition to the customization, customers can choose from one of the three pre-defined software packages. Further customization can be made to suit the business’s needs.


In order to maintain security, the system maintains role wise screen permission. This is done to guarantee reduced loss and theft of cash and items. This system is being widely used in retail stores around Bangladesh. Some of Southtech’s customers include Prince Bazaar, Amana Super Shop, Pick & Pay, Carre Family and more.

By using Southtech EasyPOS, retailers will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Quick, accurate and secure transactions

  • Increased performance and productivity in the shop floor and warehouse

  • Efficient use of resources by minimizing data entry

  • Maintain multiple price levels for different types of customers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Monitoring of inventory on the shop floor through segregation of products by display area

  • Access and input data in real time for better management

  • Both online and offline operational capabilities