Southtech DiningPlus



A responsive, mobile device friendly, and web-based touch screen enabled complete restaurant management solution that ensures faster customer service through the built-in order monitoring system.

Southtech DiningPlus is restaurant management system. This solution automates every aspect of a restaurant, starting from the tables to the kitchen. The overall solution consists of 5 modules, each responsible for ensuring smooth operations of the entire restaurant.The web-based solution enables senior management to keep tabs on the business while away. Web-enabled reports, such as profit/loss, product-wise sales, day-close reports etc. allow management to oversee operations while on the move. Southtech DiningPlus is a mobile device friendly, touch screen enabled solution. As a result, it ensures faster customer service through its built-in ordering management system.DiningPlus gives total control of the system however, security controls make sure user access to the system is given based on set access privileges. In order to increase end customer satisfaction levels, a restaurant will be able to set up customized loyalty schemes. Hence, the restaurant is likely to see an increase in customer retention.Since items get misplaced or stolen from stock rooms or kitchens, a smart inventory management system has been integrated within the DiningPlus solution. This tracks stock levels and items used to cook items, hence, a transparent business is run.Since restaurants are of many different sizes and have varying needs, Southtech offers three separate packages of DiningPlus. Each package offers different modules and customers may choose the package that suits them best. This solution is running in several restaurants and cafes around Bangladesh, namely Watercress Restaurant, Orange and a Half Café, Blue Horizon Bistro and many others.

Southtech DiningPlus is likely to help in the follow ways:

  • Smooth day to day operations

  • 30+ useful error free accounting reports

  • Reduced inventory theft

  • Cost minimization and consistent food quality

  • Fast and easy sales operation with tablet interface

  • Order and reservation management

  • Multiple currency support

  • On-site installation, hands-on training and multi-level support