Services and Support

There are a range of services Southtech offers to its clients. Primarily being a software house, Southtech develops customized software solutions for its clients. It also develops standard software suites that customers may also purchase, with enhancements, if needed. Additionally, Southtech also provide customer support and maintenance for the software and hardware they sell. There are varying degrees of customer support and maintenance contracts that are available.
Furthermore, Southtech also provide consultancy services. This is to advise on possible business and IT decisions based on the client’s needs and our domain knowledge and experience. Southtech also provide training to customers base don on their software purchases. This is to help them maximize the power of Southtech’s solutions.

Customer Support and Maintenance Service

Every step counts

Get our expert support and maintenance services to smoothly navigate through and to overcome your IT challenges. We ensure integrated and consistent support that you need to achieve greater productivity and effectiveness in your business. Starting from brainstorming, our support team is committed to help you throughout the entire project and its post-implementation care. No matter how complicated your problems are, our team takes ownership of every detail of your software issues, provides clear response times and assists the management of customer feedback and escalations. We have multiple levels of service schemes from ideation to implementation to post implementation support.
Our post-implementation maintenance services are categorized into three levels of support. We strictly follow our software and services delivery standards. For smooth and transparent communication with our clients, we employ our online CRM software and record each and every step that is initiated to resolve any issues or to provide any support.

How does our Support Service work?

Our 1st level support
Our 1st level support offers a full-package of post-deployment professional assistance. Whenever a case is uploaded in our Case Manager, our support team responds within 60 minutes of receiving the 1st level support requirements. We resolve any 1st level client issues within 2 working days.
Our 2nd Level Support
Our 2nd level support offers the opportunity of new feature requirements, analysis, upgrades and major version releases. Our analysts undertake the placed requests within 2 working days. With our team, customers benefit from harmonized and superior level of support requirement analysis to installation to sign-off.
Our 3rd Level Support
Our 3rd level support covers bugs that results in disruption of a business process. We offer our immediate expert help and respond in no time promptly (needs to be specific) considering the severity of the problem occurred. Along with bugs, we also provide database support, enhancements and necessary training.
We focus on expanding and enhancing our support and maintenance service across all of our products that ensures a simplified and harmonized customer experience.



Why Southtech Limited’s Consultancy?
Asking for independent help can sometimes be perceived as relinquishing the control and direction of your project and consequently many organizations are reluctant to ask for expert help. However, knowing when to consult with industry experts for the areas of your business where there might be knowledge gaps has always proven to be beneficial and a wise investment of resources. Often someone with an open mind can quickly see the inefficiencies in processes and gaps in controls and this independent perspective can potentially save millions of dollars by reducing operational costs.
At Southtech, we are committed to helping our clients make the best possible business decisions. We listen to our clients intently to make sure that we gain a full understanding of their business processes, objectives, issues, challenges, and people. Armed with these essential information and further analysis, Southtech experts provide considered recommendations, which in turn help our clients make the right decisions. As an added benefit, our extensive domain knowledge and experience in the fields of banking and finance, HR, retail management and business process management make our consultancy services very effective. From business transformation to optimizing information gathering – we are here to provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassle out of your IT infrastructure.