Olive Tree Foods Limited


Sheikh Aftab Ahmed

Managing Director, Olive Tree Foods Limited

“Opening a restaurant is easy but the real stumbling block is to making money by running the operation smoothly. One of the main occupational hazards of owning a restaurant is getting buried in the minutiae of daily operations. As we know, when owners get caught up in the details of running their restaurant, they can easily lose sight of what they, as owners, should be doing to turn their restaurant into a profitable business.

I opened my first fine dining restaurant ‘Watercress’ in 2012 and chose Southtech DinningPlus as my preferred solution. I did so because it was evident that Southtech DinningPlus is a complete restaurant management software suited for a modern restaurant and can perform a wide array of required operations ranging from customer order taking to preparing billing and tax reports. When the software was implemented, all my expectations were met.

Therefore, when I opened my second venture ‘Orange and a Half Café’ in 2014, selecting Southtech was an automatic choice. I did the same for my 3rd venture and hope to do so for all the upcoming ones as well. There is a multitude of reasons of why I kept choosing Southtech for my restaurant management system.

As service providers, both Southtech and we have one common goal of making our customers happy and I can definitely say that Southetch has kept us happy since the beginning. I really appreciate the level of partnership and the quality of service that I get from Southtech and hope that our relationship continues for many more years to come.”