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Adnan Shawkat

Adnan Shawkat

Director of Information Technology, CTSdatabase

Southtech brings transparency to clinical trials for CTSdatabase


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In the United States of America, pharmaceutical companies pay human volunteers for testing their drugs. These clinical trials use groups of individuals to understand the side effects and impacts of certain drugs on people over a period of time. Without these clinical trials, the impact of medicine on people and their usefulness cannot be justified.

The Challenge

One of the rules for participating in clinical trials is that participants must not be taking any other medicine or volunteering in a different clinical trial. Given that pharmaceutical companies pay volunteers to participate in such studies, it becomes difficult for the investigating pharmaceutical company to trust volunteers because volunteers sign-up with many clinical trials for more money. This results in misleading drug side effects or impacts being collected.

The Solution

CTSdatabase, LLC, a US based clinical trials company, engaged with Southtech Limited in order to scope out the project requirements and develop a customized solution to solve the problem of duplicate and dishonest volunteers. After several conference calls and development cycles, Southtech developed CTSdatabase’s registry of volunteers for clinical trials. Adnan Shawkat, Director of Information Systems for CTSdatabase, LLC outlines “this web application platform is our flagship product. Ours is a mission critical application. It affects the quality and end point of Clinical Trials Studies”. The Clinical Trials market did not previously have any solution or system of catching dishonest customers. Now “it takes less than 5 minutes” to check whether a participant is currently enrolled in any other study.  Additionally, “we become profitable within 12 months of releasing the product”.

The solution by Southtech Limited helps register individuals who wish to participate in clinical tests/trials and provides a simple, acceptable and secure ‘trial subject database’ to investigators and pharmaceutical companies. This database enables investigators and pharmaceutical companies sort out professional and honest volunteers and screen out the individuals who have or are participating with multiple investigators. Before this solution, there was no way of catching dishonest participants. “Our hit rate is about 7%. That is to say that 7% of participants attempt to enroll in another study“, says Adnan Shawkat.

“This is a custom solution developed by Southtech. Each clinical study can go into the tens of millions of dollars and just a handful of duplicate subjects can render the results useless. So this solution is saving Pharmaceutical companies millions.”

Before starting to work with Southtech Limited, CTSdatabase was in collaboration with another offshore firm, “which was seriously underperforming and over-priced as well. Their SOPs (standard operating procedures) and Project Management Practices were lackluster and not up to CTSdabase’s standards”, according to Adnan Shawkat. Due to all their problems, CTSdatabase was unable to progress through the project and eventually CTSdatabase started interviewing several other companies. Southtech “stood out in its professionalism and experience” and became the offshore vendor of choice. Since their first project over 5 years ago, CTSdatabase have already given Southtech two additional product suites for development.

The greatest benefit in working with Southtech has been the rate of employee retention, outlines Adnan Shawkat. “Having been able to work with the same Project Manager for more than 5 years, CTSdatabase is now confident that the Project Manager would understand our requirements and methodologies very well. There have been times that teams have worked throughout the night to help us achieve our release deadlines. The teams that I have worked with have done whatever is necessary to get new versions pushed to Production”.

When asked about the key factors that led to a long-term business relationship with Southtech, Adnan Shawkat stressed the 3 factors that are important to them which Southtech meet, “scalability, responsiveness and dedication”. As a result of Southtech’s dedication, CTSdabase has a “streamlined development and deployment process. We have a more professional and robust application”.

Expressing high regards about Southtech’s performance, he also concluded that CTSdatabase are very satisfied with the software solutions and that the platform Southtech maintains for them is their future.