Southtech Inc. USA

Southtech Inc. USA is a sister concern of the Southtech family. Southtech Inc. USA was established to offer cutting-edge software solutions and innovations to our North American clients. This office has also been set up to act as the primary support center for clients in the region.At present, Southtech Inc.’s offshore software development offerings include the following technology stacks:

Microsoft Technology Stack

Key Consideration Tools and Technology
IDE Visual Studio 10/13/15
Presentation Layer MVC, Asp.NET, WinForm, WPF, Silverlight
Data Service Layer Entity Framework, nHibernet
Web Page (Presentation) MVC,
CSS Bootstrap
HTML HTML5, Modernizr
Web Service Webservice / web API
Application Server Windows server 2008/2012
Security Role based security, Code access security
Unit Testing Tool nUnit
Load Testing Tool Visual Studio
Source Control Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS)
Reporting Engine Crystal Report 13, RDLC
Database MS SQL SERVER 2008/2012/2014


JAVA Technology Stack

Key Consideration Tools & Technology
Presentation Layer Spring MVC
Business Service Logic Spring 4+ POJO
Data Service Layer JPA 2.1/ Hibernate 4.3
Data Exchange JSON
Service Injection Spring IoC
Web Page (Presentation) JSP, SiteMesh
CSS Bootstrap
HTML HTML5, Modernizr
Message Broker JMS
Transaction Management JTA
Web Service JAX-RS
Application Server JBoss/ Tomcat
Security Spring Security
Unit Testing Tool JUnit
Application Monitoring Tool JavaMelody
Load Testing Tool JMeter
Profiler IProfiler/ Visual VM/ YourKit
Source Control SVN Server (Collabnet) and Client (Tortoise)
Reporting Engine Jasper Server /JasperSoftStudio
Database SQL Server 2012/2014, Oracle 11g
Continuous Integration Jenkin