Southtech Ascend StockTrading

An entirely web-based and completely database and browser independent solution for your brokerage house.

Southtech Ascend StockTrading is a comprehensive back-office solution for brokerage houses involved in securities trading. Our StockTrading enables customers of a brokerage house to register, place execution orders, issue withdrawal notices, assess portfolio positions, view profit and loss and relevant reports online from anywhere in the world.

Within the system, customers are strictly managed and controlled through multiple checks. It allows your brokerage house to expand business without increasing overheads. In this software, trade processing, settlement, reconciliation and all relevant operations are done automatically. Southtech Ascend StockTrading has integrated accounting and document management components that will allow you to be highly efficient and cost effective. The benefits that you will get from our Ascend StockTrading are:

  • Opportunities to improve existing business process which results in savings of cost and increase productivity at least by 30%, if not more

  • No initial major investment on process re-engineering and licensing of solution

  • The cost is fully flexible and depends entirely on business volumes

  • Timely reporting on performance by any authorized user from anywhere in the world. It also allows reporting in different dimensions such as by branch, by trader, and by investor

  • All reports prescribed by regulatory authorities

  • Integrated solution and hence does not allow any manual intervention to modify or manipulate data

  • Full automation of trading process from trade order to reconciliation and reporting

  • Powerful controls and validations to protect against frauds

  • Removes reconciliation hassles and allows more attention to acquiring new customers and larger business volumes