Southtech SFPlus

A simplified solution from planning to procurement

Southtech Smart Fusion Plus is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for modernizing business operations by leveraging the high bandwidth, full proof network capacities and data center facilities. The solution automates and integrates core business processes to combine, organize and maintain the data necessary for business operations. Southtech SFPlus is one complete system that can handle the needs of any business, medium or small. The solution consists of following five different modules, namely:

Security and Administration Module

Financial Management Module

Human Resources Management Module

Procurement and Sourcing Module

Service Management Module

Southtech SFPlus ensures security, integrity of client data and smooth access to multiple functions used by different business units of an organization. It is tailored to cater to different needs of your industry.

An ERP solution must have a robust security system and from that point of view, we have developed this solution considering all security related issues. Our modules have been designed and developed with best practices in mind and are feature-rich with web-enabled portals that will allow your organization to run smoothly with integrated analytics for better and faster decision making. The built-in capability of SFPlus to generate adequate number of required MIS reports will help your organization to become successful and reach your set goals.

The expected benefits from the solution are:

  • Easy and effective financial management by keeping track of your operational records

  • Streamlined and secured inventory and accounting management system

  • Protected, centralized and efficient IT for your enterprise

  • Productivity improvement by automating the whole process from an employees’ recruitment to retirement

  • Staffs’ skill development by monitoring achievements and appraisals

  • Smooth policy implementation and management