Southtech Patientcare

Streamline your hospital management and make your hospital paperless with Southtech PatientCare.

Southtech PatientCare is the best in class software solution designed to suit the needs of your hospital. Our comprehensive and integrated hospital management system consists of distinctive modules to empower you to manage all the aspects of your hospital operations. When these modules are combined, they optimize the efficiency of your operations, allowing easy management of personnel, product procurement, policy set-up, patient management, audit and financials. Efficient outpatient, inpatient, and pharmacy management becomes a reality with this comprehensive solution.

Accurate, well-organized and timely information is key for management to make crucial decisions. In PatientCare, accounting and report components have been meticulously designed to give you the edge over others in evaluating the state of affairs and reaching managerial decisions.

Accounting and relevant reports are one of the integral parts of any business entity and realizing that, we have added an accounting module to our solution. The accounting module is in fact a separate product and quite capable of handling the accounts of any hospital and adding this module to Southtech PatientCare provides you with a complete solution as far as automating your hospital is concerned.

The robust security component of Southtech PatientCare directs and monitors crucial information so as to prevent unwarranted access. With a number of smart security measures, this solution will safeguard your organization and give you complete peace of mind. The major benefits of the solution are:

  • Rapid patient services, real-time updates and consolidations allow management to see the real picture at all times

  • Fully automated accounting interface; no back end processing required

  • Unparalleled full software support for enhancements and troubleshooting

  • When necessary, auto value added tax (VAT) calculation thus enhancing transparency and reducing friction with tax authorities when/where necessary

  • Excellent ROI due to strong functionalities and outstanding pricing structure

  • Enhanced ability to grow without corresponding infrastructure costs enabling to reduce your total cost of ownership