Southtech Patientcare

Southtech PatientCare is a hospital management solution that consists of modules that enable a hospital to efficiently manage personnel, patients and products. Additionally, the system allows simple management of policy set-up, audit and financials and product procurement.

All aspects of the hospital, such as the pharmacy, can be easily managed through the system. Senior management are supplied with accurate and timely reports in order to make crucial decisions. These reports can range from financial and accounting reports to patient related reports. The accounting module is a separate product that has been integrated into the PatientCare system. It is capable of handling all finance related work. In addition to this module, PatientCare has an added security module. This module ensures that unauthorized access to the system is not provided as confidentially in a hospital is a priority.

The major benefits of using Southtech PatientCare are:

  • Rapid patient services, real-time updates and consolidations allow management to see the real picture at all times

  • Fully automated accounting interface; no back end processing required

  • Unparalleled full software support for enhancements and troubleshooting

  • When necessary, auto value added tax (VAT) calculation thus enhancing transparency and reducing friction with tax authorities when/where necessary

  • Excellent ROI due to strong functionalities and outstanding pricing structure

  • Enhanced ability to grow without corresponding infrastructure costs enabling to reduce your total cost of ownership