Southtech Majicjobs

An online subscription-based assessment system that can be successfully used for recruitment, internal assessment and for both internal and external training. is an online subscription-based assessment system that can be used for recruitment and internal assessment of your staff to evaluate their suitability for promotions and/or for certain positions in your organization. It can also be used for internal and external training to ensure that people are adequately trained to conduct their responsibilities successfully.

An organization can utilize’s question bank for assessment of general knowledge, mathematics skills, English proficiency skills, typing skills, computer programming skills, and analytical skills. Upon request by recruitment agents or large organizations we may even organize the creation of specialized questions for specific job areas by using sector specialists.

This tool is very useful for recruitment agents and large organizations who recruit and train directly through their own HR and training departments. can be easily and seamlessly integrated to a client’s website to enhance their own recruitment and training process.

Key benefits of Majicjobs include:

  • User-defined assessment process

  • Mass quality assessment with minimum cost

  • Easy to integrate to your website without changing the look and feel of your website

Multi-disciplinary assessment test (from English language proficiency to Computer programming language)