Southtech EasyPOS

Southtech EasyPOS is the ultimate point of sales (POS) system for serious retailers and businesses with specialized automation needs.

If your business requires automating your retail shops or chain stores and if your requirements exceed the capabilities of accounting and cash registers, you need Southtech’s tried and tested Retail Management Solution – Southtech EasyPOS. It has been designed for large shops by experts in this field, harnessing the strengths of current technologies. Essential but time consuming back office activities such as inventory management in the warehouse, order processing, discount application, and a large number of other processes have been automated.


Southtech EasyPOS allows for timely reporting to assist in effective decision-making at the management level.

Southtech EasyPOS is a highly parameterized system and therefore can be easily customized to suit the needs of any retail stores without having to re-code. For simplicity and ease of operation the Security Administration module is embedded within the Back Office Module. When these modules are combined, they optimize the efficiency of your retail operations, allowing easy management of personnel, product procurement, policy set-up, sales, audit and financials.


Simple yet powerful system and trusted by prominent retailers within Bangladesh.

Southtech EasyPOS will benefit you with:

  • Both online and offline operational capabilities

  • Quick, accurate and secure transactions

  • Increased performance and productivity in the shop floor and warehouse

  • Efficient use of resources by minimizing data entry

  • Anytime access and input data in real time for better management

  • Maintain multiple price levels for different types of customers to increase customer satisfaction

  • Monitoring of inventory on the shop floor through segregation of products by display area